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About BAAM

The Berlin Affordable Art Market – BAAM was founded in 2021 as an initiative to support local artists and to foster the democratization access to art.

The collaborative vision of BAAM gives rise to a unique art fair that stands in contrast to the existing traditional art market. It is the lived utopia of a new, solidarity-based art market for everyone.

Twice a year BAAM opens its doors exhibiting more than 2000 artworks of over 200 artists in the price range from 50 – 5000 Euros.
The two initiators of BAAM are José Contreras Aguad and Sofia Nordmann.

Both have curated many exhibitions, organized many cultural events and are both rooted in the creative scene. As an architect and an artist, they both bring the necessary expertise in project management and running a business.

No doubt about that: Sofia and José want to revolutionise the existing conventional art market. Their mission is: BAAM!!